Beware of empty blogs

In a way, having my identity stolen several years ago has paid off. I was placed in a credit monitoring program which is fairly comprehensive, in that they monitor EVERYTHING, not just credit.

A few days ago, I received an alert that my password to my two blogs on Word Press had been ‘compromised’.

I promptly changed them, and then contacted a technician at the monitoring program.

After some digging, he found that the password had been stolen by whomever created an empty blog.

Earlier I had mentioned (and posted) that I was receiving empty blogs. I wrote about it, titling the post “What are they trying to accomplish?” Well, now I know.

As you know, Word Press notifies you by email that Someone Liked My Blog Post “——-“, and that I should go see what they’re up to.

I did. First time it was ‘cuteanimal pictures”. Puppies and kitten pictures lifted wholesale from the web. No writing. No credits, no comments,  Nothing “about me” Nichts, nein nada.

I removed the jerk. Next time it was something a bit different: “Loveanimals” or some such rot. Again: pictures stolen from the web (no name of owner, no weblinks, etc). No writing. No information, no opinion, etc. Nothing “about me”.

I began to call this ‘blishing’..someone crawling around on the blogosphere, trying to get someone to click on a link (hidden, mind you) in their blog. It’s ‘phishing’ on the blog.

I removed that person. I wondered what are they doing? Trying to get a like without working for it? Trying to get on a ‘fairly’ successful blog? Trying..what?

This last time, though, I received a ‘like’ from  “Cookingwithevan” and did I want to see what they’re up to? Well, I KNOW an Evan. So I looked at it and foolishly, clicked on a recipe. It took me to SOMEONE ELSE’s blog. Not ‘Evan”. No information about who Evan is. It’s certainly not MY Evan.  No recipe. No credit for the true owner or author. And again, No information about the original “like”, Evan.

Well, this time, Evan got me. Somehow he got my password to Word Press. This is quite a feat because I never remember it!

That set off alarms with my credit monitoring program. The tech told me that clicking on the recipe inserted a code that sent my password back to the thief. Now it was all over the “Dark Web”. He used a term that I can’t remember…after all, I was a bit excited.. that means the password is sold to thieves in the underworld of cyber theft.

I changed ALL my passwords, because it would have been very easy, once the thief got my password, to start rummaging about. But I wasn’t quick enough…the thief tried to change my mailing address! Not my webmail…my SNAIL mail address.

That set off another alarm.

I called the USPS and let them know someone has stolen my ID. AGAIN. And trying to steal whatever.

So BEWARE, Bloggers and Word Pressers! BEWARE. Someone is out there who has figured out that people blog and are fairly trusting. He knows what you like and will do everything he can to steal from you. Beware. Beware of empty blogs

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Sherlock Season 4: Disappointing

This isn’t horse related in the slightest.

I am a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan. I fell hard for him watching the first two seasons of “Sherlock”. Since them I’ve watched him play Richard III, Alan Turing, and watched “War Horse” again just for his scenes. In ALL of his movies, he is believeable. So this isn’t about Cumberbatch. He is the most consummate actor I have ever been privileged to watch. I truly think he could breathe life into the Sphinx.

His first two seasons as Sherlock were magnificent.

I liked the way he used his skills, his mind, his personality (what there was of it, him being a ‘high functioning sociopath’) and his use of technology.

But Season 3 was by turns stupid (“The Abominable Bride” was Abominable) and silly, with Holmes getting stupid ass drunk and the whole shambles of the unnecessary wedding. The death of the Palace Guard was unbelievable, not even close to being possible. Season 3 was more like a soap opera, although (I may have the seasons wrong) it took me two watchings of the one of Irene Adler to really get the gist of it, and then I liked it.)

It’s the writers, the producers, and the directors who are totally EFFING up this incredible series.

The 1 Jan 2017 episode “The Six Thatchers” was DREADFUL. Why all this blood, the violence, the shootings? UNNECESSARY!! What happened to the brainy Sherlock? He was hardly in this episode as anything more than a prop! It was the John and Mary show.  Did Sherlock use his skills of observation? Once or twice, no more.  What was up with Watson? He didn’t have the best marriage..I would have run like a rabbit upon meeting Mary..but for him to start a relationship with some girl on a bus??  Not that I can blame him, but he had a baby to look after now, despite Mary’s shortcomings as a wife. Suddenly he dumps the baby on poor, long suffering Molly and he’s off somewhere??

To be bluntly honest, though, I’m glad Mary is out of the picture. She just didn’t fit.

The producers and writers of “Sherlock” must be on holiday. This episode seemed to rush like hell through anything brainy in order to get to overly long, overly realistic,  dreadful depictions of torture, copious amounts of blood, and gunfire. I can’t explain it, I can’t believe this sudden drop in quality. Unless, of course, the producers have decided to kill the whole series off by drowning it in blood. If that is the case, they are succeeding.

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What are they trying to accomplish?

Recently I’ve begun receiving “following your blog’ notices in the typical Word Press format.


The trouble is, the creator(s) of the blog aren’t blogging. When you go to their blog, there is not a word about who they are, what they do, or even why they are clogging up the blogosphere. The blogger has figured out I’m an animal person, as they aim their blog at me with pictures labled “cute puppy pictures’ or “cute kitty pictures’.

And there pictures, no doubt…I bet clipped from the internet.

Not a single typed word of explanation, not a word of introduction or even why they’re bothering me.

I am coming to the conviction it’s  merely a new way of piggybacking on other people’s blogs. Or perhaps a way to worm their way into my computer in order to do nasty things. You know, I think it’s Blishing…blogging with phishing as its aim.

I smell a dirty, dead rat here….

I’ve received three so far and that’s all I’m going to get. Once I realize it’s trash, into the spam folder it goes.

Not going to work, kitty and puppy picture poster. Sorry. Nope. You want coverage…you need to work for it, just like every other blogger. And if you’re a troll or a thief, it’s not going to work, either.

And those people who read this blog, who are legitimate bloggers themselves, do NOT give these clickbaiters the time of day. Don’t go to their website and don’t post their information on your blog.

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The Impossible Half Halt

The Impossible Half Halt

Please go to my google Blog, The Horse Mad Scientist, to see my frustrations at attempting to ride a half halt.

Thank you!


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How to cheat a horse

How to cheat a horse

Please go to my google blog, The Horse Mad Scientist, to see how one person in my area is cheating a horse.

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A question about stadium jumping

I’ve been watching the 2016 Longines FEI Grand Prix show jumping on television and have a question regarding show (stadium) jumping horses. Please go to my Google blog, A Question about Stadium Jumping


Thank you

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Pony Primavera, or How to Bond with your Horse


Please go to my Blogger site, to read this post. I no longer post on Word Press but it gets broader coverage. Pony Primavera, or How to Bond with Your Horse

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