Looking through your horse’s eyes

Looking through your horse’s eyes

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Horse Raven looking 1

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Total Eclipse of the Sun becomes world’s largest tailgate party.


Today, 21 Aug 17, my country was in the path of the first full totality solar eclipse since 1918. Please go to my Blogger site, The Horse Mad Scientist, to see what my experience was.


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The hardest part of being a delivery driver.

The hardest part of being a delivery driver.

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Riding wisdom from 1899 is still relevant today

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One of the joys when you have time on your hands, is to surf the net without a certain destination in mind.  Often it’s a waste of time-but sometimes you stumble on gold.

So saying, I discovered Google Books, and somehow, this poem popped up. It’s lovely.
It’s titled “Hands”, by W.Phillpott Williams. It was published in “Bailey’s Magazine of Sports and Pastimes” (volume 72, 1899) in England.  The magazine itself has at least a dozen  articles,all of them having something to do with the sportsman of that era: riding to hounds, yachting, hunting farm raised and released pheasants (sorry, not much sport there, in my mind). But most of it was regarding horses.

What I like about this poem is that it is still so very applicable to today’s riding.

Herewith, my friends, is “Hands”

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When the sick one is the rider, not the horse.

When the sick one is the rider, not the horse.

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I no longer allow likes on wordpress. An evil troll has been harassing me and has cost me a virus infected hard drive (which is no longer the case) and the way he gets in is by the like button.


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My apology to Western Equitation and the evils of Rollkur

My apology to Western Equitation and the evils of Rollkur

Please go to my Blogger blog, “The Horse Mad Scientist’ at thehorsemadscientist.blogspot.com

I add both ways to connect after having suffered a bad virus attack.

The photos were lifted from the internet via Google images, and in some cases I know the site, for instance, The Mugwump Chronicles here on Word Press.

Thank you for your understanding. See you at Horse Mad!

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Every day is a bad hair day

Every day is a bad hair day

I have hair from hell. Well, no. It’s not bad  hair..in fact I get a lot of compliments on its condition.

What makes it bad is that it NEVER. EVER. looks good.

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If you wonder why I am doing a link AND a copy and paste address, it’s due to a computer virus mine suffered. Now I don’t trust links. I don’t want you to go through what I did, but I DO want you to visit the other blog. Please. Because not being able to blog drove me insane. Just like my hair.

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