Ahhhh, an afternoon in paradise

It’s been a while since I rode. First we were on vacation for two weeks, then I had surgery on my foot (again) and lately the weather has been hideous.

But now I know why I am glad to be leasing a horse at a good quality boarding stable.

They have a covered arena. So while it was raining pigs and chickens, I got aboard Hank (AFTER lunging him, oh gosh) and had a nice ride. I am gaining in my seat. It feels good. He feels good. 

He was pretty high today. Part of it was the weather is warming, he’s not been ridden in a month, and the wind was blowing like hell. The barn across the road has two sheets of metal roofing that are loose. They were flapping in the wind…yes, it was pretty strong wind. Hank wanted to spook. I could feel his back tensing. So, as we were alone in the arena, I let him stop and watch the flapping metal Horse Eater. I talked to him, telling him what was going on. It’s just metal roofing, horse. When he stopped flinching I rode him closer, then stopped. He watched and flinched. When he stopped I rode him closer still (mind you, close being relative. We were no where near it.). Finally, I felt him relax and his ears turned back towards me. OK, auntie, I’m done, I’m ready to go back to work.

He’s a good horse. I like him lots. He’s beginning to shed. I got the shedding blade on him and took off a couple handfuls of hair. Once it warms up enough, I’ll clip him..if he needs it.


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