Attack of the net trolls

My google account was hacked into a few days ago, and my google blogs destroyed.

I have no idea why jerks do this sort of thing. Do they really believe that I, an American, born and bred with the conviction of my First Amendment and Freedom of the Press, will bow down to their pinheaded ideology? They can destroy my blog, but that is as effective as burning a book. My mind and my freedom to expose them as jerks remains.

The word on the net grapevine is that it was (of course) a bunch of Chinese who don’t like that people like me call them trolls. What else can you call a government that keeps it’s own people, as well as it’s Tibetan and Mongolian neighbors in chains?

But I digress. That is not the purpose of my horseman’s blog. I will attempt to keep my political views on another.

Besides. Now I can write all over again. My google blog was a training program. I like Word Press much better, it is far more intuitive and easy to use.  Now I know what I’m doing!


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Retired U.N.C.L.E agent. Living in Laurasia.
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