My new horse, Soldier

I had resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to get another horse to lease.

As always, it’s not a good idea to close the door.

The phone rang with a lady named Patrisha. She had a pasture mate for her mare, a bay Arabian gelding named Soldier. Would I like to come try him and see if I’d like to lease him?

Wellll, the upshot to all that is this:

Soldier and me

Soldier is a 19-year-old, bay Arabian gelding.

Bred at Washington State University’s vet school, he is just about perfect.

He’s about 15 hands barefoot. Patrisha won’t put him in a bit, as she claims he has ‘wolf teeth”. So he’s in a side pull. He is very forward, very willing, the only problem I see at all with him is that Patrisha’s Arab/Hungarian mare, Spinner, is very herd bound to him.

But that’s okay. He is beginning to understand that I am there for HIM.

I am very comfortable on him, as you can see:

That’s how he stood, all on his own. He’s as curious as a cat, and I’ve learned over the years that allowing a horse to satisfy his curiosity makes it easier to handle him later on.  To me, it indicates a high intelligence.

I feel pretty lucky.  Soldier is pushbutton. I can make him turn with merely a shift of my weight. Sometimes I can make him turn by merely LOOKING where I want to go. He’s a very nice horse and I like him a LOT. He’s even dappled!


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