The contest of wills

Just a brief note. Parisha and I were riding last night. Spinner, her mare, was amazingly compliant. This may be because the night before, what had originally been planned as a mere twenty-minute lunging session turned into a three-hour contest of wills. Patrisha would NOT let Spinner get away with her misbehaving…on the lungeline…and Spinner was equally adamant that damn it, she was going to be alpha mare, come hell or high water.

Well, high water inundated hell, it seems. After almost three hours of working on the lungeline, Spinner (jeez, that mare is hardheaded), gave in. The minute she obeyed, Patrisha stopped the session and put Spinner up (probably after a good cool down). The difference is amazing. Last evening, Spinner was as amenable to doing as she was told as Soldier is all the time. No arguing, no head tossing, no going round and round in argumentative circles.  Holy moley, what a hardheaded mare. I wouldn’t own her. I don’t like fighting with horses.

Earlier, I asked Patrisha if she had considered having Spinner spayed. That would hopefully at least temper the heat tantrums she goes through. She said I was the second person to ask that! and that no, she was considering having her bred to a Trahkehner. Her last two foals were by a paint stallion. What a waste of time and money! But she is hesitant to do so, as she’s not sure how a Trak will cross on Spinner. I think I would breed her to a goat before I bred her to a paint again. But whatever, the stallion is going to have to have a short back. Spinner’s is about a meter long, (not really). Patrisha, however, does not see this. She’s fairly barn blind when it comes to Spinner.

What is funny is this. We normally tie the horses to the trailer after a ride, so that we may untack and groom them before Patrisha takes them home. I left the arena first and because I went bareback, all I had to do was remove Soldier’s boots and clean out his feet. You could see on his barrel where Spinner had bitten him earlier this week.

Soldier is is used to me, now, and has been pushing his limits now and then. In any case, he’s always acted rather cool and aloof to me. I am a nice person, he says, but I am not his momma or his girlfriend. There’s no affection from him, not like what I had with Jordan. That’s fine, I don’t expect him to bond to me at all, because I don’t feed him or house him. I just ride him.

But apparently there may be some emotional connection there.

After our ride, Patrisha came up with Spinner in hand as well as our jackets, the lungelines, two dressage whips and her helmet. Because she’d done all the toting, and was putting everything up, I untacked Spinner. Removed her boots, the saddle, etc.  I may even have given her a carrot bit but if I did, it was before I untacked her.

Wow. Suddenly Soldier pinned his ears, his eyes looked sad and his lip drooped. He was JEALOUS!!! That’s MY rider!!

I told Patrisha as I handed her her saddle. She smirked. Then I went and made much of Soldier, and he was happy.

Sue was at the barn and came out and watched me ride Soldier. She likes him very much, and I don’t think it’s because we’re friends. Hell, she has Raven! She’s going to lend me her for sale saddle to see how I like it. She’s asking a bit of money for it, but she’s my height, and that’s what proving to be a problem. I am tall, and haven’t been able to find a saddle with a long enough leg panel. I am glad I kept the ex’es leathers, they fit me as well. We’ll see. If it fits me, hopefully, I can get the fitter to restuff it so that it fits my short backed little Arabian. Sure hope so.


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