Nice day to do a little re-training

I can’t believe it. It is Warm. It is Dry. The SUN is shining, ohmygod. It’s the 4th of July.

Our spring and early summer has been anything but. Oh gosh, even folks like me, who know the Pacific Northwest is rainy, gray and cold for months on end, were wondering..where was summer?

It’s a good thing I didn’t plant a garden, other than the old reliables: potatoes, onions and garlic.

Oh well. Today, after putting up Old Glory, I went to have a little session with Soldier.

That went very well. Like most horses, once he’s figured me out, now he’s testing the boundaries. This one was: moving away from the block while being mounted. Today was the second session. The first was um….Thursday? Yes. And Soldier had an argument with Patrisha. NOT a big one, certainly not even in Spinner’s. But still, he and she had an argument. He eventually gave in, as the well trained horse he is. Today we did the same thing, only I did all the work. That being, pull his head back (whilst I’m next to his ribs) and kiss to have him move his rump TOWARDS me. He obeyed after two or three reminders. Then I tried mounting him, and he stood fast, the second and third time. The second time, I made much of him and rewarded on the ground. The third time he stood fast and square, I again praised him, rewarded him from his back…..and got off and made that the end of the day.

OH! Sue lent me her saddle. It’s for sale. It is a Passier. Oh, NICE saddle. It did not fit Mister Oh So Round Because He’s Been on Green Green Grass for a month. I have to find my extender or buy a bigger girth. But I did sit in it on his back and boy do I like it. The leg panels are a bit short. I don’t know if I’ll ever find a saddle to fit my long legs. And I am not certain if this saddle will fit Soldier, even with reflocking. But it is NICE. Patrisha sat in it too and her face mirrored what mine must have…this is a SADDLE. I may just buy it for s&g and if it doesn’t or can’t be reflocked to fit Soldier, sell it. I am betting I’ll get a good price for it.

So, out I go back out into the lovely sunshine. The California poppies are blooming, the goldfinches are singing, the swallows are fledging, and my harriers are hunting. Hetty, the female, caught a very large rat (wood rat, not Rattus norweigicus.) I even caught one with my field cams…a harrier, not a rat! I will post it here. My husband fixed it up for me, as I am nowhere near his standard as a photographer.


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