"Headless Horsemen" still makes a point.

I’m currently reading “Headless Horsemen”, by Jim Squires. I’ve not finished it yet, but Mr. Squires is absolutely hitting all my cylinders TDC. He says what I’ve been saying (from the boondoocks)..that today’s American Thoroughbred is about to go extinct. What with steroids,  the use of Bute, Lasix, and putting baby horses on a track, Thoroughbreds have become ‘throw away’ creatures. Mind you, it takes a ton of money to get one there, but if the horse is even moderately successful, and survives to enter the breeding shed, supposedly, the investment..in an animal…pays off.

I’m writing this more as an apology.

In an earlier blog, I wrote about the tragic breakdown of Eight Belles in the 2008 Kentucky Derby. I, like so many other horse lovers, was appalled at the death of the filly. Her forelegs exploded right after she crossed the finish line, losing to Big Brown by very little.

If I implied in my last post that this was due to the filly being drugged, I apologize and redact that implication.

Squire’s book taught me that she was NOT on drugs.

To the owner and trainer of Eight Belles, I apologize.



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