A very fresh horse

Today was the first chance I’ve had to ride in over three weeks. My part of the US was utterly smashed by ten days of snow, snow, sub freezing temperatures, snow, ice, freezing  rain, snow, wind, and did I mention snow? We had four foot snowdrifts in the driveway. We lost telephone and power for seven days. Patti had hers out for nine and some folks are still out. Patti was not only snowed in like I was, her driveway was choked shut with fallen trees…and her husband, a nurse, was marooned at the hospital he works in. Intentionally. They had such few staff that had been able to make it through three feet of snow that they kept whatever staff they had.

No matter. It’s over, it’s something we’ll never forget, and today was the first nice day since 15 January to get outside. The air was full of the sound of chainsaws as people cut down, out, and over fallen trees.

Patti trailered Trooper and Penny to the arena. They are amazing horses in that the minute they see the trailer come out of it’s lean-to, they’re raring to get on it! No trailering problems with them except they bicker about who gets aboard first.

When I led Trooper off the trailer, he gave me a big kiss. I got the distinct feeling that he’d MISSED me! He was ready to work, ma’am, Let’s GO. I lunged him quite a while…….no way was I going to get aboard him without getting two weeks of pent up piss and vinegar out of him, and he appreciated it. He may be 20 years old, but he is still fit as a fiddle and can be hot if he wants to be.  He wanted to GALLOP. I kept him to a canter. It took thirty minutes of lunging to get him to the point where I could safely get aboard him, and I went bareback.

He is such a sweet horse. Today, after lunging him, I said, let’s go and bridle you up, and he walked alongside me, without my needing to hang onto him with the lead rope. He stood patiently, again, with the lead rope hanging, while I took off his halter and bridled him. And he stood like a gentleman while I mounted him.

People who know nothing about horses, even people who supposedly do, sometimes disbelieve that a horse can bond to one. Well, I think my horse has bonded to me.

Ahhhhh, this blog is just venting. I could use a lunging myself. It was great to be back on Trooper.


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  1. charlywalker says:

    Love horses…owned one once..and yes they bond..like a giant overgrown puppy…

    nice read!

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