Update on the Trio

Let’s have an update on the Trio.

Tiffany, the green boarder, moved out. She took Dollar with her.

This was a good thing. Dollar turned into a bit of a bully, not only harassing Trooper around, but also shoving his nose into any human’s space. He understood, I believe, that he was not supposed to intrude on one’s space, but Tiffany and who knows who else had spoiled this by feeding him treats every single time they interacted with him.

It got so bad that I could not go into the pasture and handle Trooper without big ol’ Dollar horning in. He never hurt me, but it’s pretty hard to work around this big rhinoceros who will NOT move, NOT back up, INSISTS that you pay attention to him.

On the other hand, he took all the punishment Penny could dish out and was completely unaffected by it. This spared Trooper a lot of grief.

One day Patti went into Dollar’s stall to feed him his grain, and Dollar lunged at her, teeth bared. He didn’t want to stand back, he didn’t want to wait for Patti to say “okay”. No, he wanted that grain now with none of the formalities.

Tiffany would have dropped it and ran.

Fortunately, Patti is unfraid and gave him a good solid kick in the ribs (where one is supposed to hit a horse, should he need it. Horses discipline other horses by kicking.)

Dollar was astonished, but moved back precipitously and stayed there. Apparently he’d forgotten that some humans weren’t so enamored or afraid of him when he issued orders. Because what he did WAS an order. Like every social animal, he’d been working his way up the dominance ladder from the git go. Now that he’d put Trooper and Penny below him, it was time to take on the humans. He already had Tiffany pegged as a pushover. I stayed clear of him…he wasn’t my horse, and I’m sure if Tiffany had seen me disciplining HER horse, she would have bitched. But Patti was the Barn Owner, and did all the feeding.

Patti clued him in to reality. She thought for a moment she’d let him go without grain..he didn’t really need it. But, she said, he HAD obeyed, so she fed him.

I swear, the person who ‘trained’ Dollar, and by extension, ‘trained” Tiffany, should be horsewhipped. She taught that horse NOTHING.

Once Dollar was moved out (back to Spokane, I suppose), Patti was suddenly in love with a new horse: Dodger. She eventually bought him and installed him in the barn.

He’s trained to second level. When I watched him being worked, Patti had already worked him for almost an hour, and he’s been loafing all winter. Then Kim, Patti’s trainer, got on him so that I could video him. He bitched, for a while, then settled down to work.

I handled him yesterday. He’s pretty big, I’m guessing he’s 16.3 (and he’s barefoot). Yesterday, Larry and Patti were busy as one of their goats was kidding. I pitched in to help. I mucked stalls, brought in Trooper and Penny and fed them. Then I went to get Dodger. He came trotting up to me, crying in anxiety. He was convinced that, being the FNG (effing New Guy), he was going to be left alone out there without any dinner. He stood like a gentleman for me to halter him. As we walked past the goat shed, the kidding nanny let out a weird noise, and Dodger’s head flew up in a panic…but he obeyed when I said ‘whoa, it’s okay’. And he went into his stall very politely, and when I walked in with his grain, he stepped aside to let me put it in his manger without crowding me.

He’s a good horse. I think Patti is going to go far with him.


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4 Responses to Update on the Trio

  1. cowgirliz says:

    Isn’t it nice to deal with horses with manners and brains? Sometimes, when I run into ones that have neither, I just wonder how they got as far as they have. Like you, if I figure out it’s man-made, I start to think the idea of horse-whipping the originator of the bad behavior sounds very rewarding.
    A quick thought on the extra-set on the hocks of the new guy… sometimes soreness in the back, stifles, etc can cause them to flex their hocks too much. Dr. Deb Bennet did a good article in Equus a few months ago on that. It isn’t always their set-in-stone-structure. Might be something for a vet, chiro or body worker to check into.

    • ptigris213 says:

      It IS nice to handle a gentlemanly horse. It keeps everyone safe and happy. My first horse, Duff, had NO manners, was so bad that he pretty much taught me everything I know about handling a rank horse. Thank goodness I”ve not had to use any of those methods since. Now I’m old enough, and have sense enough, to get off a rank horse before I get hurt.

      Horse-whipping would probably only work on the intentionally evil. I used to work for a jerk who got bought two geldings (brothers) as his first ever horses. That made him an instant expert. He used to tell me he thought it was ‘funny’ to ‘trick the horses’ by making them guess which hoof he wanted them to pick up. I told him, horses really, reallly appreciate consistency: it doesn’t matter which order you pick the hooves up in, just do it the same way every time, and you will find they soon have the ‘next’ one waiting to be picked up. He dismissed me as “bunny hugger”.

      He was a jerk. I hope somehow he got hurt ‘tricking’ his horses.

      Maybe so…but my horses all seem to like me.

      Regarding Adagio: there’s something going on with his hocks. He’s got bony protrusions on both of them, both on the outside. The owner had his hocks x-rayed and the diagnosis was never told to me. I hadn’t thought of him standing that way as being anything but sickle hocked…maybe you’re right and there’s something going on there. I felt both his stifles and he ignored it, so his stifles aren’t a problem.

    • cowgirliz says:

      I think there may be a special level of hell for your old boss. Not that I don’t like my horses to pay attention to what I’m asking them to do. But the intention of tricking them, is just not cool. Maybe where he ends up there will be a horse that can alternate poking him in the eye and the ribs. With random floggings thrown in for good measure.
      Boy, I’m on a weird kick tonight. The time change has me off my normal sweet nature. Ha!

  2. rontuaru says:

    “When I watched him being worked, Patti had already worked him for almost an hour, and he’s been loafing all winter. Then Kim, Patti’s trainer, got on him so that I could video him. He bitched, for a while, then settled down to work.”

    Poor boy. I feel sorry for him. This might be worth the time to read, though I doubt his owner much cares:


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