When one door shuts, another opens.

If you have been following a blog I used to have, titled the horsemaster (uncapitalized to keep the trolls off my trail), you will know that I had a month long lease on a mare. The owner was an absolute witch who verbally attacked me and then came after me on my blog, spewing vile threats of lawsuits. I was smearing the names of her registered horses, don’t you know, and there would be BIG TROUBLE if I didn’t change them at her demand.

I dislike confrontation. I don’t start fights, and I used to say that I wouldn’t walk away from one when it was thrust upon me. But Sun Tzu said, “He wins who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” I’ve learned it’s foolish to fight an opponent whose paycheck has six figures in it, and I don’t have a job at all.

And I’ve learned that karma has a way of evening the score.

I therefore deleted the blog, but not before transferring a bunch of my old posts. I also took several measures to  insure she wouldn’t find me again. Not to say that there’s not a place for her to chase me, but it’s a red herring blog. Ah, perhaps the should have been the decoy blog’s name!

In my blog, I’ve always changed the names of people I write of (unless they’re famous) and now I change the names of their horses, as well. This should make it difficult for the witch to track me down by googling names. (which is how she found my blog in the first place. I’d been foolish enough to use her mare’s registered name.)

So currently I am not leasing a horse.

However, when one door closes, another opens.

A few days after the encounter, I received a phone call from a good friend of mine, Sue. We’d not talked to each other in several weeks. She asked about going to meet the mare and I told her the whole story. She knew the witch, and wasn’t surprised.

Then, completely out of the blue, she asked if I would like to be her gelding’s “auntie”. I could ride Raven when she was there, I could take him out anytime, whether she was there or not. I can groom him, walk him, give him treats, basically treat him as My Little Pony.

I couldn’t believe my ears, and I jumped immediately at the chance. Of course! I’ve loved Raven from the moment I met him, and Sue is the most lovely person.

So we met at the arena. Dana and her new horse, Jazzman, were there, too. Jazz is a Lusitano. He’s newly gelded, and at four years old, is still very green. But Dana is a fabulous horseman and knows what she’s doing. And despite his age, Jazz is very willing to listen and learn.

Sue put me up on Raven. Again, as before, I found this incredible horse to be the best one I’ve ever sat on. He’s very forward, he’s giving and you can most definitely feel every footfall. Need I say he’s a Warmblood?

After some time, I dismounted and Sue got back on. Dana had come out with Jazz and they began to discuss riding together in the outdoor arena. It was very, very cold but it wasn’t raining. Even the sun was out, wan in a grey, cold sky.

As they turned to head for the outdoor arena, Dana said to me, “Why don’t you be our ringmaster for our drill team?”

I had no idea what being a ringmaster for a drill team (of two dressage horses, no less) entails, but I marched soldiers for years…it couldn’t be much different.

I was right-and wrong. Soldiers are bipedal, like me. Horses are quadrupeds, and so everything must be doubled…to include preparation time for a movement, like a turn. Watching the two horses and their riders working out the logistics of intentionally riding alongside each other was interesting. Raven picked it up right away, but Jazz took a while. But then, he got it. Oh, I’m supposed to stay ALONGSIDE you! he said.

Whilst standing in the middle, giving ‘orders’ (phrased as requests), I suddenly realized what Sue and Dana had done. Two horses, three horsemen…they were including horseless me in a horse activity. I felt such a swell of gratefulness to them. They were including horseless me.

I froze my butt off that day, but it was fun, and we’ll be doing it again.

So now I have a horse in my life again. In a way, it’s better than a lease. No money changes hands. I am not so interested in riding now, my self confidence was thoroughly squashed after realizing that I will probably never be any good as a rider. But I never WAS one, having come to it late in life, unlike some of the centaurs I’ve met over the years, those lucky women who were born in the saddle.

Raven and Jazz

Raven and Jazz

But I cannot not be around horses. I just cannot. Even if I don’t ride, I still get a huge emotional benefit from being with one.

Being Raven’s auntie gave me the rare opportunity of seeing karma in action.

Last Sunday I went to the barn to groom Raven. He is so good. One can drop his lead rope and he stands where you dropped it, without bolting or trying to escape. It’s so nice to be able to work on a horse without having to dodge a lead rope or cross tie.

My grooming kit at my feet, I at Raven’s head, we were in the aisle in front of his stall.  When I groom a horse, I talk to them, sometimes even singing to them. I was talking to Raven when who should walk into the barn but Patti. I’d leased her bay gelding, Trooper, for quite some time until she harassed me the hell out of the contract. No, not the same witch, but she must have been spawned in the same cesspool.

Patti doesn’t board her horses there. She takes lessons at the arena.

As usual, Patti ignored me…but I know she couldn’t deny the fact that I ‘apparently’ had another horse. Knowing her, I know it twisted her knickers up tight. Controllers hate it when their targets not only escape, but prosper afterwards.

The Chinese say, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

In this case, it’s even better when the person you want revenge on punches herself in the nose, without my having to do a thing.

And it’s nice to see what went around, come around.







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  1. I love the way that, sometimes, if you just bide your time, Fate provides the necessary revenge; if only you could count on it!

  2. I heart this story.
    I too have found that doors do a lot of opening and closing in the horse world, sometimes of your own doing, and sometimes not — but it always moves you forward in some way that is useful.

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