My handsome Valentine

Due to economic circumstances (a nice way of saying I have no paying job), I’m no longer leasing a horse.

I am, however, enjoying a relationship with Raven, a magnificent black Warmblood gelding. His owner, Sue, is the most generous, and gentle soul I’ve ever met. She graciously allows me to be Raven’s ‘auntie’. I can ride Raven under Sue’s watchful eye, and oh, my gosh, you have never ridden a horse until you’ve ridden a Warmblood, a type of horse that’s been bred specifically for riding for over a hundred years.

I’m glad Sue is there when I ride. He knows she is a far better rider than I am, and is sometimes given to a few “wahoooo!” moments, where he forgets that he is a blue blooded German Warmblood and pretends he’s Midnight the Rodeo Mustang. Sue admits that he’s tossed her several times when he spooks. (There’s an invisible Horse Eating Monster in the far end of the arena. Every horse I’ve ever ridden in the arena has spooked at it.)

With me, though, he’s proven to be a gentle and reliable babysitter. Are you steady up there?  Trot? OK, but are you SURE??? Excuse me, but you’re on the wrong diagonal…………..

When I’m not riding Raven, I am grooming him, mucking out his stall, being his friend in every sense of the word.

It works for both Sue and I. She and her husband went on a weeklong vacation to someplace warmer and drier than here. She asked if I would handle Raven when the vet came to do his annuals: sheath cleaning, floating, vaccinations, and fecal test. I said I would be glad to.

I offered to pay the vet, but Sue wouldn’t hear of it. She arranged to pay the vet when she returned.

The vet and her tech were prompt and finished with Raven in about 45 minutes. I tucked the bill in Sue’s grooming kit, then kept an eye on a drowsy, lip blubbing Raven until he had recovered enough from the sedative to put him back out in his paddock. I called Sue’s cell and told her everything was fine with The Horse, and thought nothing more of it.

Until the weekend after she and her husband returned from their trip. I don’t even recall what day it was, but it was a few days after Valentine’s Day. We talked on the phone but didn’t meet. I believe she went out and rode the next day.

The next day I found this in my grooming kit.

From my handsome Valentine

From my handsome Valentine

That evening, I emailed Sue and said, Oh, gosh, the Chocolate Fairy was here! Thank you so much!

She replied, rather haughtily, that it was not HER doing. She had ‘no idea” how, but that gift of chocolate was from RAVEN, for being such a thoughtful and caring auntie.

Well, of course, you can imagine what I felt.

And still feel it. Raven and I are really becoming good friends, even without all the love and kisses he gets (and carrots and cookies and treats) from me. He nickers when he sees me coming. There’s something about a horse’s ‘huhuhuhuh’ that just pierces right through to my heart.

Even more, I appreciate Sue’s kindness and generosity.

It’s a wonderful life.


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Retired U.N.C.L.E agent. Living in Laurasia.
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2 Responses to My handsome Valentine

  1. I am just catching up! This arrangement seems to suit you so well and it’s good to hear an informal, friendly arrangement between two honest, well-intentioned people and one wonderful horse being both easily do-able and a pleasure. Long may it continue (and I hope I haven’t jinxed anything by writing that)!

    • subodai213 says:

      I don’t think you’ve jinxed it. You notice I’ve not posted a photo of me with my ‘boyfriend’? It’s because the last four times I leased a horse, I had pictures of the horse , usually with me. No more. If it’s a jinx, a picture of me and “””my”” horse isn’t worth losing him.

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