Transporter Interruptus, or Why I Can’t Ride Like Heather.

Through the Bridle Lightly

I’ve discovered why I don’t ride as well as I wish, no matter how hard I try.

I’ve been told on a few occasions that I have the ‘ideal’ conformation for a rider. I have a relatively short torso and long, long legs. I’m blessed with a metabolism that allows me to eat what I want without gaining a lot of weight.

But, perhaps out of politeness, the folks who made these nice comments forgot to mention some parts that aren’t so ideal.

They neglect to mention my arms, except to say that I’m holding the reins in. I’m not. My arms are short. Oh, they reach, but they must  appear as if my wrists come right out of my elbows. The Sister called me “Stubs” and “T. Rex”, so you can imagine what my arms look like. Whenever I try on a shirt or a blouse, the one that…

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2 Responses to Transporter Interruptus, or Why I Can’t Ride Like Heather.

  1. subodai213 says:

    Ahh, another Stubs!! I, too, thought I was the only short armed one in the bunch. You’re right, every instructor I’ve ever had never took me seriously when I said, ahem, I have short arms…
    I LIKE your idea of having the indentations on the horse’s barrel……..

  2. magreenlee says:

    I hadn’t read this before! I, too, have the arms of a T-rex. I’ve said this to my instructors over the years and, surprisingly, they don’t take me seriously! I think we need to genetically modify some horses so that their front end is shorter and their sides, instead of being barrel-shaped, have indentations where our thighs can fit.
    I think it would work.

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