The monster is tamed

Since I last posted, we’ve been doing quite a bit of work with Raven, de-sensitizing him to this corner.

Here’s a picture of it. As is the usual case with IHEM (Invisible Horse Eating Monsters), I can’t see a problem with it, nor can anyone else.

A Monster lives in this corner

A Monster lives in this corner

But Raven had issues with it.

He’s far better now. The last two rides have been uneventful. No more freaking out at the corner.

It’s been frighteningly cold. Today it’s about 18 degrees F, with a 7 MPH wind. Factoring that in, it’s about 0 out there.

Makes for some uncomfortable riding. Not for me, of course…I love bareback and riding so in the winter keeps me warm and toasty. But tacking up (or removing tack) in cold like this is fraught with difficulty-and can be hazardous to one’s fingernails.

Even more worrisome is that horses drink less. They move around less. Less water+not much activity can often = impaction or worse, colic.

So this afternoon, I’ll brave the cold to add a gallon of hot water to his buckets, and I’m making him a nice warm bran mash. If I had applesauce, I’d add that, but alas……we’re not apple sauce types.

Ah, winter. Winters here can be frigidly cold, like now, or merely rain filled and always gray skied.  I don’t hate winter as much as I did as a child, when we’d have snow up to my navel. Because here, winter-as does summer-gives us a treat to alleviate one’s weather doldrums: My mountain.???????????????????????????????This is Mt. Rainier, and I love this mountain. This is the view through the screens of the arena from the viewpoint of where I shot the first picture (of the monster corner). This is the view I get from my kitchen window. Well, allow me to digress: when the clouds aren’t hiding him, this is what we see.

I’ve lived here since the late 80’s and this view of my mountain still knocks my socks off.

Yes, it’s a volcano, a strato volcano. It is dormant at the moment, but by no means dead. Oh, my, no. None of the Cascade volcanoes can be said to be ‘dead’. From my vantage point, one can see just the blasted top of Mt. St. Helens, who is about fifty miles, straight line distance, from my home. Mt. Rainier is her big brother. St. Helens is alive, merely quiet. For the moment.

When the sun is shining, and I’m on Raven’s back, and I see this lovely mountain, it makes me feel as if there is no finer place on earth.

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  1. shellebelle7 says:

    What a lovely written post! Good luck with Raven… That mountain is stunning I agree…. I write a lifestyle blog and have two (slightly crazy) arabian ponies..

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