After the snow, and after the rain:

???????????????????????????????I took this this morning, (13 Feb 2014) after a typical, PNW downpour. The bluebirds are definitely talking housekeeping, we have four frogs calling tonight at the pond in the backyard, and some hardy plant is sticking its leaves above the unfrozen soil. The weeds, of course, are well along and the shotweed (curse the stuff) is already trying to bloom. I’ve heard male meadowlarks beginning to sing, although they’re still flocking (like they do in the winter).

All this is rather unusual and VERY early. The starlings and house sparrows are already trying to oust the bluebirds. Tomorrow-well maybe not tomorrow because it’s supposed to rain for the foreseeable future) I’ll put my traps out and see if I can’t catch the little thugs. (sparrows and starlings). Neither species is native to North America and have caused ecological catastrophe to our native populations of just about everything that nests in a cavity.

Raven is shedding big time. Everyone’s horse is beginning to slip their winter coats, despite the fact that most of them are in blankets. “It’s still cold!” I’m told, and yes, it’s still cold…it’s early February, for heaven’s sakes. But horses begin to shed in response to the lengthening daylight, NOT temperature.

Sue is in Hawaii, basking in 85 degree temps, so I am not riding. I think Raven is enjoying his vacation.


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