Convincing the horse

I’m laughing at myself. My last post had the word ‘amazing’ in it at least half a dozen times.

I usually don’t allow that to happen. My well used thesaurus is right next to my elbow. But I forgive myself, that ride was..(no, don’t use that adjective again!)..instructive.

Last night, after dinner, I headed to the barn. We have had several days of glorious weather, warm, spring, sunny weather that sucks the mildewed populace outside. Raven had finished his dinner, and thought maybe we could go for salad?

No, horse, I’m getting on your back and we’re going to just ride around a little.

The difference in last night’s ride was that it was the first we’ve ever done without Sue. She was out with her pregnant daughter, shopping for baby clothes. Meh-I don’t have babies (other than four footed ones) and have never been a shopper. I think Sue would rather have been on horseback on a lovely day-but a mom has to do what a mom has to do. I guess. So she called me and said, put the horse to work.

Well, we didn’t work. We merely walked, but I was able to replicate the two sided feeling. This time it wasn’t as striking,  but perhaps that’s because I know what to feel for, now.

It’s funny, how sensitive a horse can be to ‘new’ situations. Raven knows me. We are the best of friends, I know he loves me. Yet, when I crawled aboard (bareback, of course) he was twitching and trembling. We had a little conversation:

Where is Mom?

Mom’s not here.

This is new.

Well, no, it isn’t. I’ve brought you out to the arena all by myself many times.

This isn’t new?

No, it isn’t new.  Now let’s just stand here and contemplate the lovely day until you relax.

I felt as if I were trying to convince a suspicious toddler that he DOES like peas.

Deep in both our minds, the toddler knows I’m lying about his liking peas.

The toddler knows he despises peas…but at this point (before he gets to the peas chapter in his  copy of “How to Manipulate Your Parents”) he’s still too small to get up and walk away from the table.

And, as with horses, my body language reveals to the toddler that I, too, despise peas. It never seemed fair to force them on an innocent child when I would sooner starve than eat peas. But when one babysits, one does as one is told by the mother.

Raven knew that this was, indeed, ‘new’. But he trusts me. It was a situation familiar enough to decide this was okay and we had a nice ride.

THEN we went for salad (hand grazing).



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