25 things I DON’T want to do before I die

25 Things I don’t want to do before I die.

Inspired by Barb at http://barbsblast.wordpress.com

1. Have any contact with my ex (either one of them).

2. Learn to dance or sing.

3. Be responsible for a baby or children.

4. Attend or play any sporting event that involves people chasing balls.

5. Eat anything Mexican or Thai.

6. Have any part of my body pierced.

7. Smoke or intake any sort of illicit drug.

8. Join the Red Hat club.

9. Wear perfume.

10. Go to a fashion show, a ballet, an opera, or anything titled “modern” dance.

11. Become a vegetarian.

12. Take a cruise.

13. Go to a modern art museum.

14. Study architecture.

15. Do any sort of “Women’s Studies” or “Women in History”.

16. Have anything to do with any Hollywood celebrities.

17. Read anything religious.

18. Be kept alive by a machine. Hand me my gun if that’s the only alternative.

19. Work in the medical or corrections field.

20. Live in an Islamic country (again).

21. Do piecework. I “possibly could earn thousands of $ filling envelopes”, but I doubt it.

22. Fill sandbags. (I’ve filled hundreds. Still have the scars on my fingers.)

23. Be in jail/prison.

24. “Live” in a high rise apartment building.

25. Have a root canal or gum transplant (again).


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