Guns in America

I’ve started this three times. I realize that I will never be able to fit it all onto just one computer.

It has nothing to do with horses.

It’s a rant about guns. And as my rants usually do, I will probably go off on a tangent, but I write to let my international readers something about us.

Most of my American readers will understand and probably agree with me. So this is directed more for my international readers. I will be short, because my aggravation only grows the more I write. I must apologize in advance for my cursing. I try to keep my language clean, but I was a soldier for too long, and when I get angry, I curse. And I am very angry.
So here it is:

I beg of you, do not think that we Americans are complacent with the latest mass murder in our country.

We are SICK of it. We are sick of them all.

We have NEVER been complacent or ho-hum about these horrible, terrible shootings.

The vast majority of us Americans, whether we have guns or not, are sick of the mass murders.

(I, by the way, have guns. I have never, even when I was legally allowed to, ever fired one at a human being, nor do I want to.)

We’re sick of kids being gunned down in school. We’re sick of women being murdered because they wouldn’t have sex with the latest rich, entitled and spoiled punk with a grudge and a couple of handguns. We’re sick of punks shooting up movie theaters and shopping malls. We’re sick of it.

We’re sick of the apologists for the murderers, we’re sick of people saying oh, he must have been bullied in school, he must have been mentally ill.

No one is allowed to say, this murderer was just a fucking monster who liked killing people.

We are sick of these monsters having such easy access to guns.
But then, America is awash in guns. They’re everywhere. And so are the monsters.

We can’t do a goddamn thing about it, either. Our legislators: Congress and the Senate are owned by the rich and powerful, and the National Rifle Association. They are owned lock, stock and barrel…and yes, the allegory is purposeful, by the gun industry and the rich who are careful to keep us poor folk fighting amongst ourselves. They don’t care that we kill each other as long as we pay their taxes and leave them alone.

Our Congressmen and Senators are nothing but lawyers with a government job, meaning they don’t even have to work to make a fat paycheck. They aren’t interested in truth and justice. They have one-and only one-goal in life, that of being re-elected. They don’t have the will, or the hunyocks, to pass gun control legislation with any teeth.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s possible to dis-arm America. Nor do I think it would do much good. Our culture allows these monsters to exist. You notice that most of the mass murderers in the past ten, twenty years have many things in common: they were/are all relatively wealthy and privileged, intelligent, white boys/young men. Only one mass murderer team was black and poor. I can’t think of any female mass murderer.

They usually kill themselves. This is the only decent thing they do.

The mass murderers kill so many because guns make it easier, and more dramatic. Would they kill if they didn’t have guns?

I don’t have the answer. But I’m furious that there are powerful people/organizations in this country that prevent ANY sort of gun control. The National Rifle Association, in particular, has become a giant, malevolent tumor that has a stranglehold on the Legislature and the Supreme Court.

I am NOT, by the way, a member of the NRA, although my ex-husband was.

The NRA attacks anyone who so much as opines that mass murderers and guns in general are a threat to one’s health. It will not allow ANY sort of discourse on gun control. It has Congress, the Supreme Court, and the House of Representatives shackled and chained, and if a lawmaker so much as breathes something about gun control, he or she loses the next election.

Does this sound as if the NRA is in charge? Well, if you add in the big corporations and banks, then, yes, it is. Our elected officials are merely paid employees of Big Business. Not us, the people. Our elected officials are very careful to please their masters, and we the people can just go eff ourselves.

So please do not think that we, the regular man or woman on the streets of America, aren’t upset by yet another mass murder. We are. We are sick of it.
But we cannot do a damned thing about it.
Except take cover when the shooting starts.


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3 Responses to Guns in America

  1. magreenlee says:

    I’m reasonably well in tune with American politics. What many Americans don’t realise is just how much the US affects international economics – so a lot of us watch and try to work out how your legislators are going to affect us.
    I’ve had the same opinion as you for many years but I’d go a little further. It’s not the American people who elect the politicians, it’s the big businesses who pay for the propaganda machines which brainwash people into voting one way or another. It’s the same big businesses who suppress any real political alternatives to the two party system that you have – you have a right wing party and a centre party but you have no ‘left wing’ and no ‘green’ at all. The US needs more alternatives and more balance but it ain’t gonna happen any time soon.
    I, too, am appalled at the latest shooting but I think overseas society is becoming inured to these stories.
    “Oh yes, another mass murder in an American school. What a shame.”
    Just doesn’t cut it, does it? But it’s the truth, that’s the reaction of many people on hearing the news.

    • subodai213 says:

      “Brainwash” is an excellent term, but I think it goes a bit further than that. Our politicians understand that the only tactic that works with the brain deads amongst us is fear. They wield fear like a weapon, so that you heard such utter trash like “Obama isn’t an American, he’s black (he’s half and half, honestly), look at that name, he must be a Muslim or gasp, a terrorist. This worked with a tremendous number of people. Even so, you are right, big business has the legislators tightly in their economic grasp.
      So much so that when the swing vote in the Presidential election (in this case it was Ohio) went to Obama, the Republicans were stunned into silence. I mean it. They had cameras everywhere on that party’s center, and the crowd was dumbfounded when the numbers hit the board. Romney looked like he had been kicked in the head. He had been so assured that the election had been bought and paid for that he hadn’t even written a concession speech.
      One thing most international folks may not understand is we also have this antiquated system called the Electoral College. This little known…and unelected-bunch of people are the ones who really, truly elect the President. They don’t make laws, the anoint presidents. The College is made up of people with a Very Great Amount of Money. They are CEOs, bank owners, as you said, they are Big Business.
      They are such a secret society that I couldn’t tell you the name of anyone on it, nor how many there are in my state, etc. I have no idea who is a member of the College. It’s all very secret.

      They are the ones who say who is president, and it doesn’t matter how many votes a candidate won.
      You have a situation where a mine, where the western half is Democrat and makes all the money, and the eastern half is all Republican and makes no money. When the votes come in, it doesn’t matter if the majority of votes went for the Democrat..the College member wants the Republican to be President, so the college casts their vote for him, and the entire state is said to have voted for the Republican.
      This came about during the same time the Constitution and Bill of Rights was being created. The College was created because, at the time, only white men were allowed to vote, and men who drafted and created the Constitution believed that most of the common folk weren’t ‘intelligent’ or worldly enough to make the ‘right’ decision. So the College would look at who the so called lower intelligent voters voted for and “interpreted” it to mean what the ‘smarter’ College member thought he wanted.

      We have a very good columnist in this country, named Leonard Pitts. He said it so well a few years ago, there was a ‘war’ between common sense and stupidity in this country, and stupidity won. That isn’t a happy state of affairs, but at least, now I know how to plan.

  2. Sparrowgrass says:

    As one of your international readers, thank you for sharing. It’s very interesting to hear this personal view on a challenging issue. It’s a sad thing that so many of the world’s political systems seem to be broken.

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