An indictment of the education system

My county is holding elections this coming August. As elections go, it’s fairly small potatoes, certainly not on par with electing the President.
However, to me, it’s still important to vote. I’ve lived in countries where women not only weren’t allowed to vote, they weren’t considered intelligent enough to vote. Considering that in the US, women  were only granted the right to vote AFTER black and other men of color were given that right, I’ve always considered voting in an election a DUTY, not a right. Many folks don’t feel the same way I do, and that’s fine, too. But to those who don’t vote I say, If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to bitch about the outcome of an election, or the decisions made by the winners.

Last year? my state voted to make the recreational use and sale of small quantities of marijuana legal. The State didn’t want to do it, but the lure of high taxes on sales of weed, and the voice of the constituents made it legal.  The State has edged with glacial slowness to licensing sellers and growers, and the amount of legal pot is pretty small, yet already, the tax coffers are filling up with cash resulting from weed.

How do the two mesh in this post?

Well, in this country, anyone can run for office, as long as they’re qualified. “Qualified’, in most cases of small elections, means are you a legal adult citizen who is not a felon, do you live in the district that the office you’re running for is in, and are you breathing.

You don’t have to be a Democrat or a Republican. There’s lots of small, edge of the dance floor parties. You can even make yourself the one and only member of your political party. All political parties do, pretty much, is provide you with the people to help run your campaign, should you desire, it, for instance, erecting campaign signs, etc. Sometimes they even grant you money.

About a month before the ballots go out, the state prints out a pamphlet detailing who is running for what office, to help you make your decision on whom to vote for.

Part of the process for running for an office is to write a short essay elucidating what position you’re running for, what you intend to try to accomplish (yes, I meant it that way) what party are you with, and what are your goals should you win that position.

The auditors office-the folks who print up the ballots, the pamphlet, etc, are the ones who also do the paperwork involved to get the candidates listed on the ballots. They do NOT have the right to make any changes to the candidate’s essay.

And, as you will see, they don’t.

I scanned it directly from the voter’s pamphlet.I don’t know whether to be amused or appalled.

At first, I was amused. This clown has made a fool of himself to the entire county.

However, my amusement is fading when I begin to contemplate the possibility that he might just win, as grammatically and spelling challenged as he is.

It is painfully apparent that Mr. Marijuana grower has no concept of how to form a sentence or spell correctly. What’s even worse is he obviously doesn’t think his writing is pathetically bad.  I’m betting that, had someone suggested that his essay be proofread before he submitted it, he would have either been offended (I’m certain his self esteem is as high as his customers want to be), or he would have been utterly mystified at the questioners reasoning.

Just for fun, I counted the number of errors in his essay. The average was five errors, in syntax, grammar, or spelling per line. That’s 40  errors, give or take, in an eight line essay.

It is an appalling indictment of the school system in this state, and, I know, of the entire country.

Mr. Marijuana part went through our public (or private) school system and passed, gaining either his diploma or his GED, with the barest minimum writing skills.

Although it is possible that he was high on his own wares when he wrote the essay.

This is outrageous. Teachers in my state are paid far more than police officers, get three months of paid vacation, have a powerful union that has successfully resisted any effort to hold teachers to some sort of performance standard based on how well their students have learned-and they still cannot teach a kid how to spell.

This is akin to having an airline pilot fly a Boeing  777 without having learned how.

Johnny might not know where his state capitol is. But his teachers do.

When I went back to college to get my bachelor’s degree in biology, I went in as a junior. I discovered that my college, as well as most of the universities/colleges in this country, have been forced to completely revamp their freshman year curriculum to remedial courses. And I mean remedial Everything. Remedial math, English, writing-everything. Because the kids never learned in school.

They weren’t required to learn how to read, how to write, how to do math in school.

Over the years, the school system has constantly dropped standards so that kids who don’t want to learn still get a diploma. They know this. They know that, as long as they don’t assault or kill someone in their school, no matter what, they’re going to be graduated.  School, for most kids, is merely day care for teenagers.
It’s called “kiss ’em and ship ’em”, meaning, don’t do the kid the favor of demanding excellence, hard work and real achievements in learning. No, make sure he knows he’s A Really Wonderful Person and shove him out the door.

Even if he can’t read the “Push Here” sign.





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