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I may be moving my entire blog to a new blogging website. There’s a bunch of children..I think they’re about five or six years old, max, who are the  Word Press website designers. I think. They’ve taken a very nice, easily worked website and ‘updated it’ by stripping all functionality out of it. Why?

Well, they obviously believe that Change For Change’s Sake indicates that they’re actually accomplishing something. What they’ve accomplished is to destroy any good will of the folks using Word Press by screwing the publishing/writing/editing, you name it.  They took a high flying jet and crashed it.And their stance in the past has been, TOUGH SHIT, Sucker, suck it or leave. We ain’t changing. We Know Better Than You, and besides, if we admit we made a mistake, our egos will be wounded.

So it won’t be changed. I’ve found a work around for it on the forum where, in one day, over 300 customers have bitched.

For those of you on Word Press who’ve not found that forum yet, or just want to learn the workaround, credit raincoaster, a volunteer forum manager for Word Press.

I quote his work around here:

Go to your Dashboard. using the  ‘gray” (on my computer, it’s black) Admin bar, go to Posts, click on All Posts, then click on Add New.

This will get you to the ‘old’ editor/composition page and you should be good to go. That’s how I got to this one. Whether it will successfully save and post I will find out in about a minute.

I’m lucky that I haven’t paid for it, I feel so sorry for those who have.

The creators of this abortion (the ‘designers/techs/I don’t know what asinine name to attach to them), are like a pack of six year olds who’ve been given the keys to Daddy’s car, with the same disastrous results.  They even gave it a juvenile name: when you go to start a New post, instead of a nice, wide composing screen, you get an animation of circles and the words  ‘beep beep boop”.

It gets worse from there. No way to save, no way to spell check, no way to insert media, I could go on and on. No way to change fonts, to paste from Word, to add video, etc etc etc.

So hang on, folks, I’ll be back. I’ll try to get the same name, it shouldn’t be too hard. Anyway, see you soon.



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