Paying it forward

Please go to my Google Blogger blog, “The Horse Mad Scientist”

to read the latest about Raven and me. I’ve added two posts, the most recent was just now. But before you read “Paying it forward”, please go to a post of March 2013 on THIS blog, titled “When Manure Matters” to gain some insight on today’s Horse Mad Scientists’ post.

I no longer blog on Word press because of the unnecessary changes they made to blogging, all for the sake of fashion. It’s sad, because WP used to be the best. Now it’s merely ..well, stupid.

But I keep this one because Blogger doesn’t get the coverage Word Press does.

Oh, by the way, Blogger let us know that you can only follow me if you have a Google account now. I won’t force you to get one, but I will miss you if you don’t.

thank you and have a prosperous and Happy New Year.


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