What are they trying to accomplish?

Recently I’ve begun receiving “following your blog’ notices in the typical Word Press format.


The trouble is, the creator(s) of the blog aren’t blogging. When you go to their blog, there is not a word about who they are, what they do, or even why they are clogging up the blogosphere. The blogger has figured out I’m an animal person, as they aim their blog at me with pictures labled “cute puppy pictures’ or “cute kitty pictures’.

And there pictures, no doubt…I bet clipped from the internet.

Not a single typed word of explanation, not a word of introduction or even why they’re bothering me.

I am coming to the conviction it’s  merely a new way of piggybacking on other people’s blogs. Or perhaps a way to worm their way into my computer in order to do nasty things. You know, I think it’s Blishing…blogging with phishing as its aim.

I smell a dirty, dead rat here….

I’ve received three so far and that’s all I’m going to get. Once I realize it’s trash, into the spam folder it goes.

Not going to work, kitty and puppy picture poster. Sorry. Nope. You want coverage…you need to work for it, just like every other blogger. And if you’re a troll or a thief, it’s not going to work, either.

And those people who read this blog, who are legitimate bloggers themselves, do NOT give these clickbaiters the time of day. Don’t go to their website and don’t post their information on your blog.


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