Sherlock Season 4: Disappointing

This isn’t horse related in the slightest.

I am a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan. I fell hard for him watching the first two seasons of “Sherlock”. Since them I’ve watched him play Richard III, Alan Turing, and watched “War Horse” again just for his scenes. In ALL of his movies, he is believeable. So this isn’t about Cumberbatch. He is the most consummate actor I have ever been privileged to watch. I truly think he could breathe life into the Sphinx.

His first two seasons as Sherlock were magnificent.

I liked the way he used his skills, his mind, his personality (what there was of it, him being a ‘high functioning sociopath’) and his use of technology.

But Season 3 was by turns stupid (“The Abominable Bride” was Abominable) and silly, with Holmes getting stupid ass drunk and the whole shambles of the unnecessary wedding. The death of the Palace Guard was unbelievable, not even close to being possible. Season 3 was more like a soap opera, although (I may have the seasons wrong) it took me two watchings of the one of Irene Adler to really get the gist of it, and then I liked it.)

It’s the writers, the producers, and the directors who are totally EFFING up this incredible series.

The 1 Jan 2017 episode “The Six Thatchers” was DREADFUL. Why all this blood, the violence, the shootings? UNNECESSARY!! What happened to the brainy Sherlock? He was hardly in this episode as anything more than a prop! It was the John and Mary show.  Did Sherlock use his skills of observation? Once or twice, no more.  What was up with Watson? He didn’t have the best marriage..I would have run like a rabbit upon meeting Mary..but for him to start a relationship with some girl on a bus??  Not that I can blame him, but he had a baby to look after now, despite Mary’s shortcomings as a wife. Suddenly he dumps the baby on poor, long suffering Molly and he’s off somewhere??

To be bluntly honest, though, I’m glad Mary is out of the picture. She just didn’t fit.

The producers and writers of “Sherlock” must be on holiday. This episode seemed to rush like hell through anything brainy in order to get to overly long, overly realistic,  dreadful depictions of torture, copious amounts of blood, and gunfire. I can’t explain it, I can’t believe this sudden drop in quality. Unless, of course, the producers have decided to kill the whole series off by drowning it in blood. If that is the case, they are succeeding.


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