Beware of empty blogs

In a way, having my identity stolen several years ago has paid off. I was placed in a credit monitoring program which is fairly comprehensive, in that they monitor EVERYTHING, not just credit.

A few days ago, I received an alert that my password to my two blogs on Word Press had been ‘compromised’.

I promptly changed them, and then contacted a technician at the monitoring program.

After some digging, he found that the password had been stolen by whomever created an empty blog.

Earlier I had mentioned (and posted) that I was receiving empty blogs. I wrote about it, titling the post “What are they trying to accomplish?” Well, now I know.

As you know, Word Press notifies you by email that Someone Liked My Blog Post “——-“, and that I should go see what they’re up to.

I did. First time it was ‘cuteanimal pictures”. Puppies and kitten pictures lifted wholesale from the web. No writing. No credits, no comments,  Nothing “about me” Nichts, nein nada.

I removed the jerk. Next time it was something a bit different: “Loveanimals” or some such rot. Again: pictures stolen from the web (no name of owner, no weblinks, etc). No writing. No information, no opinion, etc. Nothing “about me”.

I began to call this ‘blishing’..someone crawling around on the blogosphere, trying to get someone to click on a link (hidden, mind you) in their blog. It’s ‘phishing’ on the blog.

I removed that person. I wondered what are they doing? Trying to get a like without working for it? Trying to get on a ‘fairly’ successful blog? Trying..what?

This last time, though, I received a ‘like’ from  “Cookingwithevan” and did I want to see what they’re up to? Well, I KNOW an Evan. So I looked at it and foolishly, clicked on a recipe. It took me to SOMEONE ELSE’s blog. Not ‘Evan”. No information about who Evan is. It’s certainly not MY Evan.  No recipe. No credit for the true owner or author. And again, No information about the original “like”, Evan.

Well, this time, Evan got me. Somehow he got my password to Word Press. This is quite a feat because I never remember it!

That set off alarms with my credit monitoring program. The tech told me that clicking on the recipe inserted a code that sent my password back to the thief. Now it was all over the “Dark Web”. He used a term that I can’t remember…after all, I was a bit excited.. that means the password is sold to thieves in the underworld of cyber theft.

I changed ALL my passwords, because it would have been very easy, once the thief got my password, to start rummaging about. But I wasn’t quick enough…the thief tried to change my mailing address! Not my webmail…my SNAIL mail address.

That set off another alarm.

I called the USPS and let them know someone has stolen my ID. AGAIN. And trying to steal whatever.

So BEWARE, Bloggers and Word Pressers! BEWARE. Someone is out there who has figured out that people blog and are fairly trusting. He knows what you like and will do everything he can to steal from you. Beware. Beware of empty blogs


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  1. I wish these people would get a real job…makes me so angry!

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