Pioneering in the 21st Century

Pioneering in the 21st Century


Living in a place where there is no crowding.

Where there are mountains you could be the first to climb.

Where there is no crime.

Where there are no traffic jams

Where you work from where you live.

Where you don’t need money or a credit card.

Where you don’t have to pay taxes!!

Where the only artificial sounds are the ones you make.

Where you don’t have to worry about being flooded or wildfires.

Where you needn’t worry about getting a sunburn.

Where you never have to worry about bugs biting you.

Where there is no pollution, or disease, or garbage.

Where you can feel light as a feather.


Where the winters are a year long.

Where the outdoor temperatures averages about -80°F

Where the sun is small and weak.

Where winds and sandstorms blow for months at a time

Where everything-even the sky-is red.

Where there are no cities, no restaurants,no highways.

Where there is no television, no internet, no movies.

Where you can never go outside wearing anything other than a spacesuit.

Where you live with a few other people who you may not like.

Where you will be working non-stop just to survive.

Where it takes 8 months for a delivery of anything.

Where there are no mechanics or surgeons.

Where you will by necessity be a vegetarian

Where you will never be able to eat a steak.

Where you will never be able to have a pet.

Where you are bathed constantly in cosmic radiation.

Where you can’t quit your job and go back home.

Where there is no life whatsoever.

Where there is no liquid water.

Where there is no oxygen.

From NASA archivesThis is what your life on Mars will be like


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