Where would you live in Fiction?

I read a LOT of books. Being that I am a scientist, the vast majority of what I read is termed ‘non-fiction’ and is almost always hard science, natural history, or, lately, history. For instance, the last non-fiction books I read are “The Third Horseman” (the Spanish flu epidemic), “Spooky Action at a Distance” (quantum physics and entanglement) and “A Genetic Switch” (the mechanics of a genetic switch. The last two being so thick and chewy that I had to read the first several chapters of both of them three times before I ‘got it’. )

My husband reads, too. His specialties are anything natural history and photography. Consequently, most of our furniture consists of good reading lamps, some comfortable and well worn easy chairs under them, and 14 or 15 bookshelves stuffed with (at last count) over 3000 books. Any burglar breaking into my house is going to be sorely disappointed as there is nothing to steal.

After the New Year, tired of swallowing a diet of shock, disgust and dismay at the filth and destruction wrought by President Moron and his Republican suckups, I needed a break. As a kid and young adult, I read a lot of fiction, most of it devoted to animals in general, horses in specificity, some historical fiction, and science fiction. “Shogun” was my favorite, but Kipling’s “Kim” and “The Jungle Books” will probably be three of the five I intend to have cremated with me. Got to have something to read in the Great Beyond, right?

Thinking that I’d enjoy retreating from this insanity of real life, I picked up a trilogy I’d not read in years…Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragonriders of Pern”. Then I found that she’d written a finale volume titled “All the Weyrs of Pern.” A Trilogy Plus One.

I immersed myself in the four books. Oh, my, what a wonderful vacation!

You know that the book was a good one when you miss the characters (and their world) when you finish the book(s).

I miss the dragons. I miss the agrarian world that is Pern. I miss a world that has plenty of technology but no guns.

White Dragon

This is Ruth, a mutation of the regular dragons. Ruth is the only white dragon known.

My stars, if I could, I’d live on Pern. I don’t care if girls aren’t supposed to ride anything but goldens or green dragons, I’d want a brown. Big enough..like my horse..to be effective but not so silly or hormonally addled as a green, and not a breeding female like a gold. I’m picky as to who I sleep with and I’m not interested in being Weyrleader.

dragon size

Relative sizes of dragons. White dragons are about the size of a horse.

That, and I’d want a fire-lizard, too.

Ultimately, were I able to live in a fictional land, it would be Pern.

So here is my question to you:

Considering the fiction you’ve read, if it were possible to dive into the pages and into that world, where would YOU want to live?

And why?

Where would you live in Fiction?


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2 Responses to Where would you live in Fiction?

  1. There’s a village 20 minutes from here called Pern where some friends of ours live. If they have any dragons they are keeping very quiet about it!!
    I’ve always been fascinated by history and there are many eras I’d love to visit – but not live. I’ve not read much fantasy or science fiction, but when it comes to real places, I’ve always loved France and I studied French literature at uni. so in moving to France 30+ years ago I came to my favourite place in fiction and it continues to fascinate, with architectural evidence of its turbulent history visible everywhere.
    I always try to read some fiction alongside the guidebooks whenever we’re planning a trip; it’s always the characters and their personal stories which bring a land or cityscape to life for me. This was particularly true of recent time spent in Spain, where reading historical novels brought to life the significance of the beautiful cities we visited in Castille and Andalucia.
    Finally there is one particular book and place I wish I’d never read about: the dystopian setting of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”, some of those terrible images still haunt me.
    An escape from a dreary winter dominated by Brexit is much needed so you have inspired me to seek out Anne McCaffrey!

    • subodai213 says:

      DO read her books. If you can’t find the Trilogy in one volume titled “The Dragonriders of Pern”, meaning you can only find them in single books, then read them in this order:
      The White Dragon
      All the Weyrs of Pern

      McCaffrey was a prolific writer, she has tons of books out there, not all of them are of Pern.
      She was (unfortunately she died several years ago) obviously a horseman. American by birth she later either emigrated or just bought a house in Ireland which she dubbed Dragon Underhill. Her sons have tried to continue her literary legacy but I don’t think they could ever capture the magic she instilled on every page.

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