Love will find a way

Sometimes, when I’m aimlessly wasting time, I go to craigslist to see what’s for sale, or, in the case of animals, what’s being ‘rehomed’. Craigslist’s policy is to NEVER SELL animals, so people use the term ‘re home’. It’s still ‘for sale’ but politically corrected. Craigslist says a ‘nominal fee’ for ‘re homing’, which to me means about$25 or gas money. But there are people who ”re home’ puppies for $1000 a pop. Pup

And, every once in a while, an ad catches your eye that says, no, impossible.

for instance:

Afghan Hound & French Bulldog Mix

Just the title alone makes you say, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???

And you just HAVE to click on it, just to see what this amazing mix might look like.

And, amazingly, it looks…well, like a mutt, but NOT a mutt that looks half Afghan and half bulldog.

But I’ll be damned, if it isn’t so.

They’re asking a $300 “re homing fee” which, for a mutt is a lot of money, but I’ve seen it worse.

Below is the bulk of the ad, and below that, the pictures. I held those out for last.


One dog for sale, he is an Afghan Hound and French Bulldog mix. Parents are in the second photo.

We are looking to re-home our 2 year old Afghan Hound and French Bulldog mix, Lucky. He has been in our home almost a year and just isn’t a good fit. It would be most ideal if he goes to an active home with a large, fenced yard, lots of one on one time, and loads of love and attention.

It’s most important that he goes to home with someone who is patient enough to handle a toddler all day long because he’s pretty much exactly like that: testing patience, checking boundaries, and constantly having his nose in something.

He is super friendly, very submissive and loves to play, and house trained.

We are asking a $300 re-homing fee to ensure his safety and happiness. Feel free to contact me with any questions.Result of Afghan bulldog cross

And the parents are legitimate, you can see the pup alongside what I assume is the dam. I’ve heard that bulldogs are so inbred that they must be bred by AI and have C sections to whelp, so I’m assuming the sire is the bull dog.

Afghan x Bulldog

How it happened, dog only knows. Or maybe it should be, only the dogs know.

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