Epidemic silver linings

If you look, you can see that there are some things good about the current epidemic:

Epidemic silver linings:

No mass shootings.

Airline executives finally understand that packing passengers like sardines is wrong.

No traffic jams.

Parking readily available just about anywhere.

Air pollution lessens.

Public restrooms finally being cleaned.

It’s permissible to glare at someone who’s not covering their cough.

You can sleep in on Sunday rather than go to church.

A reason to binge watch television.

Big decrease in drunk drivers.

The dog finally gets walked every day.

Plumbers in great demand after people clog their toilet by flushing paper towels and ‘flushable’ wipes.

Beggars vanish from their most lucrative street corners.

People actually learn to cook a meal.

Finally have time to get around to all the little tasks that have been deferred.

Sanitizing one’s home can double as ‘spring cleaning’.

The news in newspapers and on television  finally gets more coverage than sports.

Kids find out that there are things to do outside-like play.

You can cancel your dental appointment without feeling guilty.

Being unemployed is no fun, but at least it’s not your fault.

and most welcome of all:

Starbuck’s ‘campers’ are forced to use their own bandwidth and monopolize their own kitchen table.



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  1. 😁 + Not feeling guilty about preferring to stay at home! Take good care of yourselves xx

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