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Retired U.N.C.L.E agent. Living in Laurasia.

Where would you live in Fiction?

I read a LOT of books. Being that I am a scientist, the vast majority of what I read is termed ‘non-fiction’ and is almost always hard science, natural history, or, lately, history. For instance, the last non-fiction books I … Continue reading

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The things horses fear

Originally posted 2013. These days, horses don’t have much to fear. Oh, there are the usual things: horse trailers, veterinarians, unexplained noises, etc. But the things they evolved to fear: lions, tigers and bears (oh my), are no longer threats … Continue reading

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The Warmblood Mammoth

It’s late January. The days are lengthening, although it’s still cold, and rainy. You don’t think of late January as the beginning of spring. We still have three months of possible snow, ice, and always, more rain. But, in these … Continue reading

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Pioneering in the 21st Century

Pioneering in the 21st Century Imagine: Living in a place where there is no crowding. Where there are mountains you could be the first to climb. Where there is no crime. Where there are no traffic jams Where you work … Continue reading

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Colonizing Mars is doomed to failure

Colonizing Mars is doomed to failure No, it’s not horse related, but should you wish to read my most recent blogpost, please go to my blog The Horse Mad Scientist. Click on the link above. I do this because I’m … Continue reading

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Now you know why I hate Word Press

Today, not only did I have to jump through a thousand hoops just to log in to MY wordpress blog, but they are sticking ads that I have NOT authorized, NOT chosen, and do NOT want to inflict on my … Continue reading

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Think horses can’t?

Please go to my blog, The Horse Mad Scientist, to see how a mare got even for having her mane braided! Think horses can’t?

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