Colonizing Mars is doomed to failure

Colonizing Mars is doomed to failure

No, it’s not horse related, but should you wish to read my most recent blogpost, please go to my blog The Horse Mad Scientist. Click on the link above.

I do this because I’m so tired of word press arbitrarily changing things that never needed changing, and now because it’s adding ads that I didn’t ask for and don’t get a dime for.

Thanks you.

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Now you know why I hate Word Press

Today, not only did I have to jump through a thousand hoops just to log in to MY wordpress blog, but they are sticking ads that I have NOT authorized, NOT chosen, and do NOT want to inflict on my readers. By the way, I don’t get a dime from these ads. I don’t WANT ads. I never did and have no plans on ‘monetizing’ my blog.

In the past, I got so sick of these people arbitrarily changing protocols, changing the way one posts/composes/edits, changing the appearance of my blog. It’s why I shifted my ops to Google’s blogger.

So…if you want to see what I’ve posted, and you want to contact me, please go to:

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Think horses can’t?

Please go to my blog, The Horse Mad Scientist, to see how a mare got even for having her mane braided!

Think horses can’t?

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Do horses like us?

Please go to my blog, “The Horse Mad Scientist” to read the entire post. Do horses like us?

In my wanderings around the internet, I found this website called the Country Squire Magazine. A British publication, it focuses on the British countryside.

Debra Jane Nicholas, apparently a frequent columnist, has had several articles published, some of which I read, but this one I found rather unusual, if not depressing.

Horses Don’t Really Like Us

Nicholas says, in essence, that horses do what we tell them to do. Period.  She sniffs at the idea that horses willingly do the strange things we ask of them. She says that horses don’t like us.

Please go to my horse mad blog to read the rest. Thank you.

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Just a picture of my best boyfriend

We had a professional photographer come out to the barn to take pictures of everyone’s horses. He wasn’t cheap…but he got some incredible results.Raven 1

Raven seemed to enjoy the entire process. Most of his action was solely due to high spirits

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Dare we hope that the FEI has come to its senses?

Dare we hope the FEI has come to its senses?

Please go to my Blogger site The to read my take on the most recent World Equestrian Games dressage.

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Protective vest adds to self confidence

Protective vest adds to self confidence

Please go to my blog, The Horse Mad Scientist (although, if you click on the link, it should take you right there) in order to read my happiness with my new protective vest.

It means I’m riding.

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