Protective vest adds to self confidence

Protective vest adds to self confidence

Please go to my blog, The Horse Mad Scientist (although, if you click on the link, it should take you right there) in order to read my happiness with my new protective vest.

It means I’m riding.

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Zen and the art of bread making.

please go to my blog The Horse Mad Scientist to read about my success in baking.Zen and the art of bread making

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Why the US should never host the FEI World Equestrian games ever again

Please go to my blog The Horse Mad Scientist to read why we Yanks just aren’t WEG suitable. Why the US should never host the World Equestrian Games ever again.

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We’re ALL Pony Nuts

Please go to my blog “The Horse Mad Scientist” to read about the newest addition to the barn: Romeo!!We’re ALL Pony NutsHorse Heygates horse and pony nuts

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After the fall

It finally happened. I fell off of Raven today.

Please go to my blogĀ and read my post about falling.After the Fall

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On the other hand,they’re still bad

How important is it to hold the reins properly? Please go to my google blog,

The Horse Mad Scientist,On the other hand-they’re still bad

to see what I’ve discovered about hands and reins.

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They can hear us think, you know

Please go to my Google Blogger site,

to read my newest post. They can hear us think, you know

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