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Everyone wants a tiger

Everyone wants a tiger Please go to my Blogger site, The Horse Mad Scientist http://thehorsemadscientist.blogspot.com In it I write about the desire most of us animal lovers want: to keep a wild animal as a pet. Thank you for your … Continue reading

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Five Books to take to your grave.

UntilI am a reader. The easiest way to drive me insane is to put me in a ‘please take a seat and wait’ situation without something to read. I have been known to read such drivel as “Golf Digest” when … Continue reading

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My best teacher is the one underneath me.

I’ve had two incredible learning breakthroughs in one month. Because I despise what wordpress has done to ruin what was once the easiest and best blogger on the web, I’ve moved mine to Google’s Blogger. Please go to  my new … Continue reading

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Someone who rides worse than me.

Please go to my google blog “The Horsemad Scientist” at http://thehorsemadscientist.blogspot.com to read my most recent post. I finally found someone who rides dressage worse than me. I don’t post on wordpress anymore, because I don’t like how they’ve changed … Continue reading

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When the professionals cheat, revisted

Last August, I volunteered to check bits at a local dressage show. I wrote about the things that happened to me. And what didn’t happen, this year. Please go to my Google blog, http://thehorsemadscientist.blogspot.com I no longer use Word Press. … Continue reading

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Finally!! American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown

Finally! We have a Triple Crown winner after 37 years! See my post at http://thehorsemadscientist.blogspot.com

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Do you play with your friends pets??

Please go to http://thehorsemadscientist.blogspot.com I no longer post on wordpress due to their backwards  and childish policy on posting. But I do like to keep the folks who’ve followed me here, so, come on over to by Blogger blog.

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