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The hardest part of being a delivery driver.

The hardest part of being a delivery driver. Please go to my Google blog, The Horse Mad scientist to see what I’ve written.  It’s a rant. Here’s a preview: Advertisements

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Do you play with your friends pets??

Please go to http://thehorsemadscientist.blogspot.com I no longer post on wordpress due to their backwards  and childish policy on posting. But I do like to keep the folks who’ve followed me here, so, come on over to by Blogger blog.

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Rebel meets his match.

Last week, Rebel seemed to awaken from a relatively well behaved, summertime doze and realized that he hadn’t had any excitement in a while. Or perhaps the migrating geese told him it was time to move south. Who knows? Rebel … Continue reading

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Corn based pet foods are poisonous to your pets.

The lucrative pet food industry is now taking aim at cats. When I was growing up, we had dogs (German shorthairs) and cats (domestic shorthairs, otherwise known as alley cats.). We fed the dogs Alpo, which, at the time, was … Continue reading

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You may be 57, but you still need a babysitter.

Virtually every one I know in my age group-the fifties-still has babies at home. But these babies aren’t human. No, the babies of our middle ages are four footed (or winged) ones. Despite that a cat, a horse, a dog, … Continue reading

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